Deeper Souls, Less Shoes: An Owners Manual for the Soul Nadine Mercey

ISBN: 9781897435274

Published: November 11th 2008


216 pages


Deeper Souls, Less Shoes: An Owners Manual for the Soul  by  Nadine Mercey

Deeper Souls, Less Shoes: An Owners Manual for the Soul by Nadine Mercey
November 11th 2008 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 216 pages | ISBN: 9781897435274 | 9.35 Mb

Imagine a top producing real estate salesperson, single mom, bad relationships with men, unhealthy, self-styled dumb blonde... who awakens to her destiny of healing bodies, minds and souls. Meet Nadine Mercey, high vibrational healer. This is her personal story. Reading it will change yours. Her mission is raising awareness about the potential in all of us to boost our personal vibration so we can be healthy, in loving relationships, and laughing often and out loud. lolAbout the AuthorNadine Mercey is a high vibrational healer.She grew up in Brantford, Ontario, and confesses to having never done well at formal education.

My mind just didnt work like other peoples. Looking back, she recognizes signs of mild autism in her behavior.For twenty years, Nadine worked in real estate, rising to become one of Canadas top realtors. Her success came from an uncanny ability to intuitively understand the needs and motivations of buyers and sellers. Her awakening to the extent of her intuitive capabilities came from selling a haunted house -- one that had been featured in her dreams since childhood.Soon she was experiencing great vibrational development -- and receiving messages in her mind from voices who identified themselves as angels.

She is guided and protected by the Gabrielle Collective and other energies.Nadine conducts readings, often at great distances, during which she communicates with the clients spirit guide(s) and/or angel(s). These entities provide instruction about what is required to raise the persons vibration, in order to restore balance to soul, mind and body.Generally energy flows into the persons body as Nadine visualizes areas that need help. Healing happens through creative visualization, and only when intended for the highest and best interest -- to help that person progress toward his or her predetermined life purpose.Blessed with extraordinarily high vibration, Nadine devotes a portion of her practice to healing other intuitives and to making people aware of their own intuitive capabilities.

She is a medical intuitive, who has helped doctors identify illnesses in their patients.Nadine is a dynamic presenter at seminars, and has been the subject of a documentary film. Discussions are underway about hosting a television show. She is also developing her own line of healing products.Nadine lives in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada with her two teenaged sons, Eric and Jaxon.

She loves to dance and laugh. And she does own way too many shoes. Her website is at www.NadineMercey.comReviewsNadines healing is amazing. Pro and amateur athletes will gain new awareness and better health by reading her new book.-- Peter Zezel, NHL hockey legend and coachNadine Mercy is the most powerful healer that I know and will astonish even her most ardent skeptic.

This profound book is a must read -- renown psychic medium Karyn Reece (as seen on Lifetime Channel, TLC and Discovery Channel)Deeper Souls, Less Shoes is a fascinating and breezy narrative. At first I felt like a voyeur, but soon I realized this book was all about me, too Nadines tale gives me permission to fully embrace the many odd occurrences that fall into my life daily and to expect that these occurrences or clues, will fit together to create a picture, MY LIFE, larger, more fulfilling and powerful than I can currently imagine.

After reading Nadines book I am filled with confidence to look, and guess what... its there. Thank you, sister-- Linda Schaumleffel, Olympic athlete and brain fitness expert

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