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Assassin Affairs - Encore Edition  by  R.S. Smith

Assassin Affairs - Encore Edition by R.S. Smith
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This tale centers on a young New York City hit-woman and begins as she seeks vengeance for the torture-murder of her lover. She uses her seductive, manipulative, femme fatale nature to not only lure in men, but women as well. She hooks-up with a collection of great characters, mostly women who are not always what they seem, developing them into a team of female assassin-mercenaries. They may be demure and innocent-looking, but in reality, feisty and lethal.The reader follows the group on their missions and through their unusual personal relationships over a multi-year period, with an engaging combination of political and sexual intrigue.Intended for the adult reader, parts are of a bisexual or lesbian nature, with elements of domination and submission.Subsequent to finishing the original version, I wrote another story and the girls from that first edition unexpectedly managed to worm their way into the new tale.

Ive added it here as an encore.Excerpts:Alexei had a European accent and claimed to work for Interpol....resided there in a remote, old English castle.....appeared to be around age forty, roughly ten years older than she, had a James Bond physique, and a distinguished look...... Nudity is optional, but I suspect you would love the sense of freedom it would allow you. I also like to dress up once in awhile.

Sometimes I put on my tux and take one of my assassin ladies out dancing. Perhaps you would care to accompany me one evening.* * *....the way you use your tongue reminds me theres something sexual that I really like and my husband doesnt like to do it for me. She motioned with the pistol for Renée to return to her knees.* * *...I was linked to New York Citys most notorious criminal, Charles Cicero, the man who makes made-men.

Find a photo of him and odds are youll spot me in the background. I knew organized crime family leaders in all five boroughs. I still do. I was Mr. Ciceros enforcer, his hit-woman.* * *I bought a box of condoms the other day, she said. May I go get them?Oh no, honey.

Danny doesnt like to use those things, and we dont see you as a disease risk to us, so youll just have to take your chances tonight. That isnt going to be a problem, is it?* * *Jessie could see that both were standing together on the bench by the railing, twenty stories up.

When Ashley glanced back nervously, Jessie gave her the nod and they watched as Johnny went over the edge screaming.* * *...This thermal imaging scope really lights up these guys! She squeezed the trigger and fired off a shot- one of the shadowy figures fell over. Then in rapid succession she fired off six more rounds.

Three more men and two dogs went down.* * *Kacey handed them the popcorn, got down on her hands and knees, and positioned herself to be their footstool. Both placed their feet on her back.* * *...This IOU says that you agree to be our sex slave for a night.Why would I sign something like that? What would I get out of it?Youd sign it because you enjoyed tonight. It would essentially be the same, but you would be our slave. You would have to do whatever any of us tells you to do, you couldnt say no, it would last all night long, and you would get absolutely nothing in return......She read over the agreement.They couldnt believe she was considering it.* * *...I want you to have intercourse with Tim tonight, not for him, not for you, but for me.

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