Target Response (Dog Team, #4) William W. Johnstone



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320 pages


Target Response (Dog Team, #4)  by  William W. Johnstone

Target Response (Dog Team, #4) by William W. Johnstone
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 320 pages | ISBN: | 10.55 Mb

Who Is Killing The Armys Killer Elite?The attacks strike like lightning, a murder blitz targeting Americas most ultra-secret organization, the Armys clandestine assassination arm known as the Dog Team. Without warning, Dog Team operatives are being systematically slaughtered, decimating the republics last, best hope against those who would destroy our freedom.Surviving the initial onslaught are two of the Teams master assassins, Major Joe Kilroy and Captain Steve Ireland.

Now, this supreme warrior duo gathers the remnants of the unit to form the Dog Teams Death Squad to unleash their counterstrike: complete annihilation of a shadowy global cartel owing allegiance to no flag, with a private army of international mercenaries. . .The darkest and deadliest secret war that ever rocked a nation is about to begin.

Enter the sum

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