The Other Side: Remastered Justin Jay Gladstone


Published: April 14th 2015

Kindle Edition

317 pages


The Other Side: Remastered  by  Justin Jay Gladstone

The Other Side: Remastered by Justin Jay Gladstone
April 14th 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 317 pages | ISBN: | 10.29 Mb

“If the universe was created with one thought, then who was the first to think?”Accepting that belief should make it feasible to believe that a world that reflects all exists.If there is such a dimension, there would be a certain accordance that accompanies it.The 11th Dimension- a place said to reflect sex, genders, ethics, and morals.In order to survive in such a dimension, one must understand the laws that go in accordance with this world.All beings have ‘others’- people who reflect them.“What happens to one happens to the other.”“One cannot exist without the other.”These are otherwise known as the Reflection Principles.When Leon Granttley is kidnapped and switched to this world against his will, he’s left to wonder, why his friends and family are referring to him as ‘Neol Yelttnarg’.In order for Leon to return to his home, he must find who’s responsible for this wrongful act.Could it be someone who is trying to play a monopoly on these rules to ruin these victims’ lives?Welcome to ‘The Other Side’.

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